• mpo loopback


  • Small, folding, compact housing design
  • Streamlined, ruggedized housing design for excellent stability and reliability
  • Protects the bare fibers when engaged repeatedly
  • Offers the ability to simulate network distances with the device
  • Provides quick customer indentification of device parameters for evaluation

Product Description

MPO Loopbacks for MT interconnect applications are driven by both network systems-solutions providers and the optical-device community that design and make transceivers or active components. Loopbacks are used for testing optical links in networks or devices by “looping back” the connections from the TX (transmit) pairs to the RX (receive) pairs. By doing this, a complete optical link is formed, allowing the optical performance evaluation of a discrete component or a complete link in a network path covering one or more interfaces. MPO fiber-optic loopback assemblies offer an effective way to test transmitter capability and receiver sensitivity of network equipment, particularly for telecom and datacom requirements.

HHT’s folding Loopback offers a female MPO connector end that mates to any MPO or MTP adapter or device port. The MPO loopback assemblies are available in a compact housing for high-density use and are available with or without attenuation, Loopback also can be mated directly to a parallel optical device such as a Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable (QSFP) transceiver with a 4-lane configuration.


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