• mpo standard adapter


  • Both die-cast and molding type are available.
  • Automatic shutter optional.
  • Key up/down(type A), key up/up(type B) for you to choose.
  • Match with MTP/MPO connector.


Product Description

MPO adapters have both die-cast and molding type, which compliant to insure intermateability with industry standard assemblies and connectors. Available with various flange styles, HHT MPO adapters are able to meet the challenges and mechanical requirements of highly dense system designs while maintaining industry standard footprints.

An optional innovative feature of HHT MPO adapters is the fully automatic shutter. This internal shutter mechanism, located on both sides of the adapter, requires no manual actuation to receive the benefit of eye safety by simply inserting the MPO connector. The unique stepped design of the shutter prevents the ferrule endface from making contact with the shutter while mating the connector.