• Provides moisture and dust protection for use in harsh industrial environments.
  • IP67 protection, salt-mist proof, humidity proof, dust proof.
  • Sealed panel feed-through design for easy installation into enclosures.
  • 100% optically tested to ensure quality performance assemblies.
  • Available in single mode and multimode styles to work with any common fiber type
  • Push-pull insertion with bayonet-style mechanical latch provides easy installation and removal
  • Broad temperature range (-40 to+85°C) is ideal for indoor or outdoor applications
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Product Description

HHT ODVA-SC assemblies provide an environmental seal and mechanical protection for 1 fibers simples SC style connections. The assemblies guarantee an easy, one-step connection system with the combined push-pull insertion and bayonet-style mechanical latch. ODVA-SC provides quick installation solutions and has good performance on mating with ODVA receptacle. Cable can be amored or non-amored. The industrial simplex SC assembly has been ratified as a ‘Standard Interface’ in the ODVA*(Open DeviceNet Vendors Association) as a next-generation industrial interconnect. The industrial panel-mount, plastic adapters serve as a sealed feed-through for the fiber connection. The new industrial integrated flange-mount adapters are designed for tight, side-by-side applications. A single shutter, available in plastic or metal, is secured inside the adapter to cover both SC simplex ports and provide dust and laser protection for the internal fiber connection.