Zayo is the leading provider of optical fiber communication solutions worldwide. It announced plans to deploy 31 high-capacity long-distance lines supporting 400G in North America and Western Europe.

The availability of the 400G client wave function will enable Zayo to provide terabits of capacity in its underlying global network, thereby achieving higher transmission rates, lower cost per bit, higher data transmission speeds and greater bandwidth capacity. The key features that support enterprises in their digital transformation journey. Transmission up to 800G will be provided in specific areas because Zayo has deployed significant speed enhancements to predict future network demand.

This optimized wavelength network is designed to provide direct routing for multi-cloud and multi-market connections, and is very suitable for content providers, hyper-scale enterprises, operators, and data centers. The upgrade will also reduce physical space requirements and reduce power consumption by 40%, thereby reducing operating and maintenance costs.

In recent years, with the increase in the number of users, applications and devices, the demand for increased bandwidth has increased exponentially, and the 400Gb/s race has accelerated. Zayo’s new routing surpasses the current 100G standard, and the maximum data transmission speed will be increased by four times. It supports 5G technologies including the Internet of Things, cloud-based computing, edge computing, virtual reality, high-definition video streaming and artificial intelligence.