The three major operators have released detailed rules for number portability services and stated that they have entered the trial operation phase from November 10. What is the impact of the number portability on the network for so long? Will it change the existing communication market structure? To this end, the reporter visited the Beijing Mobile Business Office to inspect the changes in the communication market after the pilot-run of number portability.

The reporter learned that the key factor in deciding to carry a mobile number is the cost-effectiveness of the package. Since the advent of 4G, the role of mobile high-traffic has been deeply rooted in people’s hearts. When the number is transferred to the Internet, Beijing Mobile has continuously optimized the original package based on the original. Taking the 68 yuan enjoyment package as an example, users can enjoy 20GB of national traffic and 300 minutes of calls, and a 200M broadband to easily meet the entertainment needs of daily life.

In addition, when the 5G package is officially put into commercial use, 4G network speed has become a topic of general concern to users, and the speed of the network has a great relationship with the number of base stations and coverage. It is reported that as early as the 4G era, China Mobile’s 4G construction was a step ahead, and 4G base station coverage signals were continuously established throughout the country. As of now, China Mobile has more than 2.8 million 4G base stations, accounting for more than half of the country’s 4G base stations, covering more than 98% rural area. In Beijing, China Mobile actively promotes the healthy development of 4G networks. Under the influence of the “speed increase and fee reduction” policy, Beijing Mobile has launched a series of preferential policies, which have been well received by users.

The reporter also learned that under the background of number portability, and the service has become another strong competitive factor for operators. As soon as the detailed rules for porting to the Internet came out, many users were exclaimed, “It is too difficult to operate the porting with the number!” In this regard, Beijing Mobile launched an inquiry and unsubscribe service from the perspective of service users. Editing the short message “0000” and send it to 10086, you can view the value-added services and charging standards ordered by the mobile phone. Also, Beijing Mobile opened a 10080 service supervision hotline. If you are dissatisfied with the service, you can directly complain to China Mobile’s headquarters.

According to on-site staff, with the official commercialization of 5G packages, the results of 5G construction also affect the choice of users. Which operator has more 5G base stations, the user’s preference is high. At present, Beijing Mobile has completed the construction of more than 5,000 5G base stations. By the end of the year, full coverage of 5G signals in the Beijing Fifth Ring Road District will be completed. At that time, it will provide users with more comprehensive and detailed communication services.

However, mobile’s series of measures are not just to cope with port number transfer. At present, the number portability is only in the trial operation stage. The communications market has not yet undergone major changes. The three major operators will definitely introduce more preferential policies. It has also become a benchmark selection condition for number portability.