According to reports, Vietnam plans to double the number of submarine fiber optic cable systems connecting the country to the outside world within the next six years.

According to the Vietnamese National News Agency (VNA), the Vietnamese Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) has approved a strategy to build at least 10 new submarine optical cables by 2030, bringing the total number of submarine optical cables to 15.

Last week, it was reported that three of Vietnam’s five submarine optical cables were completely or partially interrupted, resulting in a slowdown of the national Internet speed. A few days later, Vietnam launched a plan to expand the number of submarine optical cables.

According to Vietnam News Agency, MIC has appointed the Ministry of Telecommunications to oversee the implementation of the strategy to expand the number of underwater fiber optic cable systems in Vietnam.

According to a report by Yue Tong News Agency, four new submarine optical cables are expected to be put into operation by 2027, bringing the total capacity to at least 134 Tbit/s. The other six fiber optic cable systems will be put into operation between 2028 and 2030, which will increase the total design capacity of Vietnam’s marine fiber optic cables to at least 350Tbit/s. In both cases, at least one route will belong to Vietnam.

The report added that MIC also plans to build at least two international terrestrial fiber optic cable lines by 2030 to ensure that the total land capacity is at least 15% of the actual capacity of the ocean system.

According to the MIC strategy, South Korea will continue to use Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan as the main digital hub connection points, and regularly review and evaluate digital hubs to increase appropriate connection points.

In addition to bringing redundancy to the country’s digital connections through the construction of new submarine optical cables, the increased capacity is crucial for Vietnam’s bid to become one of the Southeast Asian data center hubs.

At present, Vietnam has 5 international submarine fiber optic cable systems with a total capacity of 34 Tbit/s, and 2 terrestrial fiber optic cable systems connecting Hong Kong and Singapore have a total capacity of 5 Tbit/s.