It is reported that as part of the UK government’s semiconductor strategy, a new national center for chip manufacturing may be established. The Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sports (DCMS) has launched a feasibility study aimed at establishing a national agency to strengthen the infrastructure supporting British industry through the forthcoming semiconductor strategy of the government.

Chip Manufacturing CenterLess than a week before the news of this study was released, parliamentarians of the British Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Committee issued a severe criticism report on the British government’s attitude towards the semiconductor industry, saying that the government “ignored” the industry.
A spokesman for DCMS said that the strategy would be announced “as soon as possible”. Today’s announcement said that the goal of the strategy is to “unleash the full potential of British microchip companies to support employment and skills, promote the development of domestic microchip industry, and ensure the reliable supply of semiconductors”. The research project announced today will explore the feasibility of a new national plan to bring the country’s industries together, address common challenges and help enterprises develop.
It studies whether chip companies need to acquire more prototypes and manufacturing facilities to remove barriers to innovation and enable the industry to grow. It will also cover how to make it easier for start-ups to obtain specialized software tools, and how to develop innovative packaging processes, which are the link in the supply chain where chips are ready for use.
Michelle Donelan, the UK’s digital minister, said: “We rely on semiconductors, from smart phones, kitchen appliances and cars to supercomputers that power weather forecasting, the energy sector and all aspects of our economy, they are everywhere. “In the UK, we are a world leader in design and research. We hope to build on this success and keep our semiconductor industry abreast of the times.” This research will help us realize our ambitions and possibly establish a new national institution and a large research facility. ”
A spokesman of DCMS said that the research would study how to improve the infrastructure in five key areas, including industry coordination, open manufacturing of composite semiconductors, advanced packaging and intellectual property rights.
The spokesman said that the proposed plan was one of the many options under consideration and did not represent the whole content of the strategy, and added that the publication of the strategy did not depend on whether the research project had been completed.
It is hoped that this study can reveal the delivery mode that the national plan can adopt, so as to have the most positive impact on the industry, including whether various infrastructure capacities are concentrated in one organization.
The tender for the feasibility study contract is now open through the procurement agency Royal Commercial Services, with a budget of between £ 700000 and £ 900000.
The government appears to have acted after the EIS Commission released its report last week, which criticized the support currently provided to the semiconductor industry. In recent years, the global chip shortage has paralyzed many industries. Other countries and the European Union have invested billions of dollars in the construction of domestic chip capacity, but the UK’s manufacturing activities are still very small. “We do not know whether the support or concern provided by the government can reach the level required to ensure our semiconductor supply and the future prosperity of the semiconductor industry,” the report said
“The government can no longer ignore the semiconductor industry. While recognizing the difficult budget situation in the UK, we call on ministers to reach a new industry agreement as a tool to cooperate with the industry, coordinate UK priorities and make full use of public funds or support.”
The potential location of the new center may include Cambridge, where the major British chip company, design giant Arm and several small companies in the market are located. If the focus is on manufacturing, it may be meaningful to locate it in South Wales, which is close to Newport Wafer Fab, the largest chip manufacturer in the UK, and the semiconductor research cluster centered on Cardiff University.