Recently, the website of the US Secretary of Commerce announced that the next phase of investment in the CHIPS research and development program is expected to exceed $5 billion, including the construction of the National Semiconductor Technology Center (NSTC).
CHIPS is a chip development program in the United States, and the construction of NSTC is a core part of the program. Other research and development projects of CHIPS include the National Advanced Packaging Manufacturing Project in the United States, the CHIPS Metrology Project, and the CHIPS American Manufacturing Institute. These plans have established the necessary innovation ecosystem for the United States to ensure that its semiconductor manufacturing facilities can produce the world’s most complex and advanced chips.
Promoting chip development is an important part of the US Chip and Science Act. The bill was approved by the US Congress in August 2022, including $39 billion in semiconductor production subsidies and $11 billion in chip research and development subsidies, totaling over $50 billion in subsidy funds. The US Department of Commerce also plans to provide funding for chip manufacturing within two months.
According to US Secretary of Commerce Raymond, NSTC will conduct research and prototype design on advanced semiconductor technology. Currently, the US Department of Commerce is negotiating with some companies to drive the development of high-end semiconductor manufacturing related supply chains. The center will also establish an investment fund to help emerging semiconductor companies promote technology commercialization.
It is also reported that these investments belong to investments aimed at next-generation technologies, which are unprecedented in terms of scale and complexity.