According to CCTV reports, on November 9, local time, the Stockholm Administrative Court received Huawei’s appeal and temporarily lifted the ban on Huawei and ZTE Corporation.

On November 5, Sweden Huawei appealed the administrative decision passed by the Swedish Postal and Telecommunications Administration on October 20, requesting the Stockholm Administrative Court to issue a temporary injunction to immediately stop the implementation of this administrative decision and revoke the Restrictive requirements in the decision regarding Huawei.

Huawei claimed in a statement that the administrative decision of PTS violated legal procedures, did not fully inquire and solicit opinions, did not provide any facts, evidence, or legal reasons, and lacked neutrality, independence, and objectivity. It’s also pointed out that Huawei is a private company operating globally and is committed to becoming a contributor to the Swedish ICT industry. The company has never had any major cybersecurity incidents in the past 20 years of operations in Sweden. “We will not pose any threat to Sweden’s cyber security.”

Huawei stated that it understands the Swedish government’s concerns about cyber security and welcomes any non-discriminatory, unbiased, fact-based cyber security requirements, clear and verifiable technical standards, and open and transparent procedures. Based on this, Huawei is willing to fully cooperate with operators and PTS to meet their 5G infrastructure security requirements. “We believe that the court will hear cases fairly and impartially, protect and respect Huawei’s legitimate rights and interests, and at the same time, protect and respect the rights and interests of the Swedish ICT industry and consumers.” The statement stated.

The Swedish telecommunications regulator announced last month that operators participating in the country’s 5G spectrum auction are prohibited from using equipment from Huawei and ZTE. It also requires related telecommunications companies to dismantle the products of these two suppliers from existing network facilities before January 1, 2025.