According to South Korean media reports, South Korea has become the leader in mobile communication speed among major countries in the Asia Pacific region, and its 5G technology is also the fastest in the world.
According to data from UK market research firm OpenSignal, South Korea’s mobile download speed reached 140.2 Mbps from October to December last year, ranking first among 25 countries in the Asia Pacific region. This is 14.8 Mbps higher than the 125.3 Mbps in 2022. Singapore is the second fastest country in the region, with a speed of 71.1 Mbps, almost half that of South Korea.
It is followed by 58.5 Mbps in Australia, 55.7 Mbps in Taiwan, China, 51.5 Mbps in India and 50.5 Mbps in Chinese Mainland. Japan ranks eighth in Asia with a speed of 46.7 Mbps, a decrease of 1.2 Mbps.
In terms of improvement speed, India has achieved astonishing growth in 5G adoption, doubling the speed from 15.4 Mbps to 51.5 Mbps. Malaysia’s internet speed has almost doubled, from 20.2 Mbps to 38.1 Mbps. The third ranked country is South Korea, which has increased its speed by 14.8Mbps.
In the European region, Norway (102.3 Mbps), Denmark (98.8 Mbps), the Netherlands (81.7 Mbps), and Finland (71.6 Mbps) have the highest communication speeds. Denmark, Finland, and Norway are also leading in speed improvement, increasing by 25.5 Mbps, 17.7 Mbps, and 16.5 Mbps, respectively.
In the Middle East and North Africa region, Kuwait (55.1 Mbps), Bahrain (54.5 Mbps), and Qatar (50.5 Mbps) have the fastest mobile communication speeds.
From the average download speed of 5G, South Korea has become the fastest country in the world, at 436.7 Mbps. Among other countries/regions in the Asia Pacific region, Malaysia (337.7 Mbps), Singapore (292.9 Mbps), and India (280.7 Mbps) followed closely behind.Among European countries/regions, Denmark (301.8 Mbps), Bulgaria (288.9 Mbps), and Croatia (274.3 Mbps) have the fastest 5G speeds. In the Gulf Cooperation Council, Qatar (335.1 Mbps), Bahrain (282.5 Mbps), and Kuwait (274.6 Mbps) rank first.