Qualcomm recently announced that SoftBank has adopted Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 5G mobile communication platform and Modem-RF system to provide 5G millimeter wave (mmWave) services in Japan. The 5G millimeter wave service will enable Japanese mobile network users to enjoy Multi-Gigabit download speeds. At the same time, SoftBank’s Pocket Wi-Fi 5G A004ZT millimeter wave mobile network hotspot is also on sale. All of SoftBank’s product series compatible with 5G millimeter wave, including and to be launched 5G mobile phones, will use Qualcomm’s 5G millimeter wave products.

Qualcomm’s vice president of product management Francesco Grilli said that 5G millimeter wave is an important technology for mobile network operators, which can be used to differentiate from competitors and develop 5G applications required for the digital transformation of various industries.

5G millimeter wave deployment plays an important role in unlocking the potential of 5G applications and meeting the increasing demand for mobile data transmission. 5G millimeter wave helps operators such as SoftBank to make good use of the large amount of spectrum resources in the high-bandwidth to provide users with faster Multi-gigabit cellular network speed and low-latency connections. At the same time, for mobile network operators, 5G millimeter wave is a highly economical application that can increase network capacity to meet the high-density data transmission needs of metropolitan areas, and solve the increased data transmission needs of wireless connections and corporate environments. Compared with Sub-6 GHz alone, the cost is reduced by 35%.

SoftBank’s deployment this time is immediately after its announcement in 2020 that it will apply Snapdragon 5G mobile communication platform to provide 5G Sub-6 GHz. The commercialization of 5G millimeter wave will bring more powerful functions to SoftBank’s 5G network, and will launch more millimeter wave mobile communication applications.