Ericsson’s Vonage is collaborating with telecommunications service provider Singtel to integrate Vonage’s API (Application Programming Interface) platform with Singapore Telecom’s orchestration platform Paragon, providing innovative opportunities for businesses and telecommunications operators by accessing a global ecosystem composed of rich communication, network, and edge APIs.

Global independent software vendors (ISVs), enterprises, and developers can leverage APIs to provide digital services at a faster speed and scale on mixed networks, mixed edges, and public cloud infrastructure across multiple markets.Singapore Telecom

“We are pleased to announce our partnership with Singapore Telecom as we will continue to collaborate with leading global service providers to drive exponential innovation and network monetization in open ecosystems. By combining Vonage’s APIs platform, Ericsson’s 5G network capabilities, and Singapore Telecom’s Paragon platform, we have paved the way for developers to explore new solutions, enabling businesses to rethink their businesses, improve customer experiences, and create new communication and engagement capabilities,” said Niklas Heuveldop, CEO of Vonage and Head of Ericsson’s Global Communications Platform Business Unit.

Bill Chang, CEO of Singapore Telecom Digital InfraCo, stated, “Through strategic partnerships with Vonage, businesses and developers can leverage APIs and collaborate with Paragon enabled telecommunications companies to jointly develop and seamlessly deploy applications to more countries without the need for repeated adjustments or changes to applications for different markets. This simplified approach allows telecommunications companies and businesses to focus on growth and innovation according to their business needs, and provides enormous opportunities for their ISVs and partners to expand services to more countries in a more relaxed, faster, and larger scale manner.”