• Quick and safe epoxyless termination
  • Designed for use with high power medical laser delivery system
  • Able to be sterilized through autoclace
  • Available custom optical fiber hole size and ferrule tip configurations
  • Strain relief boots and dust caps available with medical grade material
  • Compatible with RFID integrated technology

Product Description

The 905 SMA FiberGrip Connector is a simple to use, epoxyless, interconnect solution for markets where High-Power Delivery is required. This two-piece connector is designed as a safe and cost effective alternative that allows for efficient ease of use during termination. The connector ferrule is made from Stainless Steel allowing the ferrule to act as a heat sink, pulling the heat quickly away from the fiber, when used. Damage threshold on these types of connectors will vary based on launch conditions and operational wavelength.

The front body of the connector is a stainless steel ferrule that is designed with a custom, high-tolerance, application specific hole diameter. The rear body contains the proprietary fiber retention system designed to carefully secure the optical fiber, without the risk of damage, to the connector.