• Meets IP67 specifications
  • Blind mate and scoop proof interface
  • Threaded or bayonet mating
  • Metal housing provides improved EMI protection
  • Mates to standard LC cable assemblies
  • Complies to applicable section of MIL26482, TIA/EIA 604-10 and IEC 61754-10


Product Description

PT/LC cable assemblies. HHT harsh environment PT/LC plug assemblies and mating receptacles leverage the proven MIL spec 26482 connector system to provide an environmental seal and mechanical protection for 2 fiber duplex LC style connections.  Available with either a quick mate bayonet interface or anti-vibration threaded interface, the PT/LC provides a simple and reliable sealed connection. HHT PT/LC Receptacle accepts standard simplex or duplex LC assemblies to provide cost effective connections to active devices with LC pigtails or industry standard LC jumpers.