• Drastically reduces field splicing with a predetermined loss at each waterproof tether access point.
  • Utilize traditional field installation techniques for aerial, below ground and duct applications.
  • Compatible with both aerial and below ground outside plant distribution applications.
  • Reduce installation time by as much as 50 percent per network access point.
  • SCAPC IL<0.3 typically.

Product Description

H connector(Corning OptiTap™) provide the most cost-effective method of deploying optical fiber in outside plant distribution networks at speeds significantly fast than traditional field installations. H connector utilizes optical fiber cables upon which network access points are pre-installed at customer-specified locations along the length of the cable.

Inside innovative design can protect ferrule end face far away scratch when mating with receptacle; Special fool-proofing design make sure H connector (Corning OptiTap™) has blind-mating function. The assemblies guarantee an easy, one-step connection system with the combined push-pull insertion and thread type mechanical latch. H connector (Corning OptiTap™) provides quick installation solutions and has good performance on mating with receptacle. Cable can be amored or non-amored.