///H connector adapter (OptiTap™ hybrid adapter)

H connector adapter (OptiTap™ hybrid adapter)

  • Single-fiber hybrid adapter, IL<0.15 typically.
  • H connector (Corning OptiTap™) connector to SC connector
  • Environmentally sealed adapter housing permits external bulkhead flush-mounting style on terminals or closures
  • Adapters designed meet Telcordia GR-3120 requirements.
  • IP67 protection, salt-mist proof, humidity proof, dust proof.
  • Utilize traditional field installation techniques for aerial, below ground and duct applications.
  • Reduce installation time by as much as 50 percent per network access point.

Product Description

H connector adapter (OptiTap™ hybrid adapter) accommodates a variety of preconnectorized applications including use in terminals, network interface devices and others. The environmentally hardened adapter features the rugged H connector (Corning OptiTap™) on one side and a SC connector on the other. This innovative design significantly reduces installation and network expansion time and cost, making it an integral part of preconnectorized solutions. It provide the most cost-effective method of deploying optical fiber in outside plant distribution networks at speeds significantly fast than traditional field installations. The industrial panel-mount, plastic adapters serve as a sealed feed-through for the fiber connection.