Adtran, a leading provider of next-generation open network and user experience solutions, announced that Public Power Company (PPC), Greece’s largest power company, will use Adtran end-to-end optical broadband solution to launch its high-speed wholesale pilot network in Peristiri, Attica. PPC plans to support all local broadband service providers and connect more than 3 million households and enterprises with optical fiber in the next four years after its nationwide promotion.

PPC has about 6 million electricity customers, making it a leader in the broader market of South Eastern Europe. To support the company’s current sustainability, digitization and growth plans, PPC hopes to deploy a future, nationwide wholesale optical fiber network to expand its business opportunities and help its country connect to higher broadband speeds.

 Public Power Company

PPC chooses Adtran open, separated, 10G optical fiber access platform to deploy its broadband access network infrastructure pilot. In the first phase of PPC fiber deployment, the company is deploying PON technology in its existing distribution network infrastructure to provide wholesale gigabit services. Later, the same optical fiber access network can be used to introduce advanced grid modern applications such as smart grid, so as to improve the efficiency and operation of the grid.

Alexandros Paterakis, Deputy CEO of Public Power Company, said: “We attach importance to Adtran’s experience in cooperation with utility companies to help launch a green broadband network that provides high-speed services, and help further modernize and optimize the distribution network. From the beginning, the participation of Adtran in the deployment process is a different point. Adtran’s open solutions enable us to get rid of the shackles of being tied to one supplier. The open and separate architecture of the platform provides us with a network Flexibility and scale.”

Stuart Broome, Vice President of Sales of Adtran EMEA, said: “Adtran is helping service providers, utility companies and municipal authorities around the world to launch gigabit optical fiber access services. Our open and classified broadband access systems have been proven to improve service speed, reduce integration and operating costs, and simplify operations. The optical fiber access point network architecture being used by PPC has developed rapidly, covering the benefits of the design principles of network scale data centers, and helping operators build networks, service delivery and overall resource consumption. Therefore, operators are realizing the improvement of investor value and market competitiveness.”