Ekinops is a leading supplier of optical transmission and enterprise connectivity solutions for telecommunications operators and businesses. Ekinops announced that Orange Business has chosen Ekinops technology to launch its new SD-WAN product called SD-WAN Essentials, transforming enterprise connectivity into a springboard to the cloud.

Orange Business SD-WAN Essentials is a jointly managed solution that enables all businesses to access the fundamental elements of SD-WAN services, providing control, reliability, performance, application level routing, and security.

This solution is based on Ekinops SD-WAN express technology, allowing enterprises to switch to intelligent routing in a secure manner, limiting the number of devices and energy consumption.

Didier Br é dy, CEO of Ekinops, said, “We are proud to support Orange Business’s new SD-WAN Essentials product, which can achieve digital transformation of the enterprise while minimizing carbon footprint.”