Nokia announced that Balitower, a renowned telecommunications tower and network infrastructure provider in Indonesia, will use Nokia’s most advanced IP routing solution to enhance capacity and improve operational efficiency. This implementation aims to provide future security for Balitower’s IP network and ensure that its users have a better customer experience.
Nokia’s energy-saving routing solution will be deployed in Jakarta, Bali, and Singapore, enabling Balitower to effectively meet the growing network capacity demand in a sustainable manner.
Nokia’s solutions include 7750 service routers, Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), Carrier Level Network Address Translation (CGNAT) and Internet routers. Nokia will also provide a Network Service Platform (NSP) and deployment and maintenance support for Balitower. This comprehensive solution from Nokia will enable Balitower to achieve higher operational efficiency and better network performance.
Balitower CEO Jap Owen Ronadhi said, “Nokia’s industry-leading IP solutions will help us significantly improve network cost economy while reducing operational complexity. At the same time, it will enable us to support evolving business needs for a longer period of time, enabling us to better seize opportunities in emerging markets.”. We have a long-term partnership with Nokia and are pleased to collaborate with them on this crucial initiative
Kent Wong, Vice President and Head of Intellectual Property at Nokia Asia Pacific, said, “We are pleased that Balitower has chosen our solution to replace its existing devices to improve energy efficiency and provide excellent experiences for its customers. Our high-performance routing solution has played an important role in helping global service providers enhance network capacity.”. In addition, we focus on measuring the customer experience throughout the entire service process, aiming to assess their level of satisfaction or dissatisfaction. We look forward to collaborating with Balitower to successfully execute this project