According to foreign media news on April 1, after Sony, Oracle and Nokia announced their withdrawal from participating in Mobile World Congress (MWC) this year, Google also announced a few days ago that it would no longer participate in this year’s MWC.

The company said in a statement: “According to our current travel restrictions and agreements for COVID-19, Google has decided not to participate in the Mobile World Congress this year.” We will continue to work closely with the Global System for Mobile Communications Association (GSMA) through virtual way to support our partners.”

MWC symbolizes the cutting-edge technology exhibition conference in the mobile communications industry. Every year, companies from hundreds of countries will participate. They will release their new products, showcase new technology, and discuss future technology trends together. Affected by the epidemic, MWC 2021, which was supposed to be held at the end of February, has been postponed to June.

Previously, GSMA, the organizer of MWC, stated that the MWC 2021 Barcelona Conference is scheduled to be held from June 28 to July 1, with an estimated attendance of 50,000. At the same time, GSMA also announced the details of the health and safety plan for this year’s event. For example, participants must present a negative nucleic acid test certificate before entering the venue and repeat the test every 72 hours. In addition, there will be a series of measures such as maintaining social distance, compulsory wearing of masks, regular disinfection, non-touch registration, and temperature measurement.

However, some foreign media pointed out that some major exhibitors are still on the sidelines.  US operator AT&T said in mid-March that it is closely monitoring the infection rate of the new crown epidemic and the introduction of vaccines.

Qualcomm also stated in a statement that although Cristiano Amon, who will become Qualcomm’s CEO, plans to deliver a keynote speech at MWC 2021, the company continues to continue to wait and see the overall situation of the world epidemic.