Zayo Group (NYSE: ZAYO) said that Mid-Atlantic Crossroads (MAX) has signed a contract for data center hosting and fiber connectivity services through zColo’s Ashburn plant. Zayo said that the University of Maryland’s Research and Education Network Center will operate through a dedicated kit that includes more than 30 cabinets in the Ashburn facility.

MAX provides optical connectivity for its participants through Layer 1 core network based on 100 Gbps wavelength technology. Participants in MAX include universities in Washington and Baltimore metropolitan area, federal research laboratories, and other research-focused organizations.  MAX provides connectivity to Internet2 national backbone networks and peers with other major networks.

“After an extensive search of data centers in the DMV region, MAX found that zColo provided a complete solution for our customers.” said Tripti Sinha, executive director of Mid-Atlantic Crossroads. “We are confident that the Zayo team will provide a reliable solution which integrates security, power and cooling, national diversity and a global network into one place. In addition, the Tranzact platform makes it easier to price and order Zayo services, which is a value-added feature. ”

Zayo’s expansion projects in 2018 and 2019 may increase the appeal of the Ashburn plant. The plant offers more than 75,000 square feet of space and 15 MW of power capacity can be expanded to 40 MW. A facility equivalent to Tire 3 can provide operator-neutral connectivity and access to Zayo’s global fiber optic network.

Joel Daly, President of ZayozColo Business Unit, said: “Zayo’s public sector customers at the Ashburn plant and the National Capital Region are transforming their IT infrastructures and moving to cloud technology for scalability, cost savings, security and more agile services. Zayo’s multi-site data center portfolio, the ability to customize and expand our solutions, and the ability to connect globally through our extensive network have helped us win this business. “