Recently, the issue of Huawei’s sanctions by the United States has received widespread attention. Former Minister of Industry and Information Technology Li Yizhong also expressed his views on it. Li Yizhong said at an event recently: “Faced with the brutal siege by the US, Huawei is interested in establishing a chip manufacturing line. We should support it.”

Li Yizhong, Former Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, President of the China Federation of Industrial Economics

Li Yizhong talked about the issue of Chinese chips. He said that it is necessary to calmly deal with the blockade and cut-off of supply of my country’s integrated circuit industry by external forces such as the United States. It is necessary to have sufficient anticipation and take various measures to prevent, fill and replace.

On how to continue and in-depth advance my country’s digital industrialization and industrial digitization, Li Yizhong gave the following countermeasures: First, strengthen the research on core and key technologies and enhance the ability of independent control. Second, increase investment, rationalize the layout, and focus on solving the difficulties of getting stuck. Third, speed up and optimize the application of 5G technology to promote industrial digital transformation and upgrading. Fourth, calmly respond to the censorship, withdrawal, and withdrawal of my country’s integrated circuit industry by external forces such as the United States.

It was previously reported that Huawei plans to build a chip factory in Shanghai that does not use American technology. According to people familiar with the project, the manufacturing plant is expected to start manufacturing low-end 45nm chips. Huawei’s goal is to manufacture 28-nanometer chips for “Internet of Things” equipment by the end of 2021, and 20-nanometer chips for 5G telecom equipment by the end of 2022.

The report mentioned that Huawei has no experience in manufacturing chips. The factory will be operated by Shanghai Integrated Circuit Research and Development Center Co., Ltd. (ICRD) supported by the Shanghai Municipal Government.

In addition, Huawei’s rotating chairman Guo Ping said that he will continue to maintain investment in its semiconductor company HiSilicon, and will help front-end partners improve and build their own capabilities. There will be a stronger HiSilicon a few years later.