On the morning of November 3rd, the three major A-share indices rebounded across the board, with the photovoltaic and robotics sectors rebounding and Huawei’s industrial chain stocks experiencing frequent fluctuations. As of 9:50, Oufei Optoelectronics has risen by 7%, Crystal Optoelectronics and Xinwei Communications have risen by over 2%, while Changxin Technology, Goer Holdings, Huiding Technology, Dongshan Precision, and others have all risen by over 1%. Consumer electronics ETF (159732) saw a sharp rise in early trading, with 9 out of the previous 10 trading days achieving net purchases of funds.
According to the data, by comparing the Huawei platform index (8841007. WI), the consumer electronics ETF (159732) involves 71.20% of Huawei’s concept weight content. Among them, companies involved in Huawei’s smartphone industry chain include Lixun Precision, BOE A, and Geer Holdings; Huawei’s smart car industry chain includes Desai Xiwei, Junsheng Electronics, Huayang Group, etc; Huawei’s semiconductor industry chain includes Weir Corporation, Wentai Technology, and Zhaoyi Innovation; The intelligent wearable industry includes Sanhuan Group, Crystal Optoelectronics, Lansi Technology, and others.HUAWEI
Guoxin Securities stated that based on the performance of the third quarter financial report and dynamic tracking of the industry chain, the peak season for consumer electronics stocking has officially begun, with data from segmented industries such as mobile phone panels, storage, and passive components fully heating up. Although the current recovery signals are still concentrated on the supply side stocking level, the sales data of multiple promotional peak seasons in the future, as well as the innovation and growth reflected by the launch of new products such as AI phones, AI laptops, and Apple MR, will become the key to the continuation of the electronic market.