Recently, GlobalData, a leading global data insight solution provider, released the latest annual Network Resource Allocation Capability Competitiveness Assessment Report (NRO Report). After research, analysis, and comparison, Huawei Autonomous Driving Network (ADN) stands out from seven mainstream suppliers worldwide and continues to be the industry leader in network resource allocation capability.

GlobalData NRO Report Chart 1
Currently, global network resource orchestration solutions are developing rapidly, with more and more leading manufacturers providing competitive automation and intelligence level network solutions to help operators provide flexible and convenient 5G services for their customers.
The research object of the Global Data annual NRO evaluation report is the solutions provided by industry-leading network equipment manufacturers (NEM), and based on market evaluation, it points out that the market demand for network complexity, single domain intelligence, 5G cloud native, 5G transmission and vRAN, and traditional device management models is increasing day by day. In the report, GlobalData evaluated the product portfolio scope, functional capabilities, standards and openness, lifecycle automation, and production experience of seven mainstream manufacturers in the industry, with each dimension divided into five levels: Leader, Very Strong, Strong, Competitive, and Vulnerable.

GlobalData NRO Report Chart 2
According to the interpretation of the chart data, Huawei’s Autonomous Driving Network (ADN) solution was rated as a leader in four dimensions: product portfolio scope, functional capabilities, lifecycle management, and production experience. Its standard and open capabilities were rated as Very Strong, and it was ultimately ranked as the industry leader in network resource arrangement ability by GlobalData with a total score of first.
As a key infrastructure for the future intelligent society, self intelligent networks have received widespread attention and recognition from global industries. After years of continuous efforts, Huawei’s ADN solution has the ability to help operators achieve L3 intelligent network level. Facing the ambitious goal of achieving L4 in 2025, Huawei calls on all parties in the industry to work together, continue to make efforts in industry standards, intergenerational definitions, and business practices, accelerate industrial development, jointly innovate more high-value L4 smart network practices, and help operators and enterprises accelerate their progress towards higher-order smart networks.