On March 9, when a reporter from mainstream Indian media asked, “After the United States imposed sanctions, Indian telecom network operators have raised concerns about Huawei’s supply chain capabilities. What’s your comment?”, David Li, CEO of Huawei India, said that Huawei’s business still exists and is still growing; Huawei’s business is still developing. “Since the United States imposed sanctions, our supply chain has undoubtedly been affected, but mainly in mobile phones. We are very successful in telecommunications networks. For core equipment, we are very self-reliant and have a very strong supply chain. Our supply is very diverse, so in India, so far, any transaction/agreement we have with Indian telecom network operator customers can be delivered.”

“We have a very powerful BCM system, and because we do hard work in research and development and provide support, we have a strong component supply chain. Support, maintenance and supply are what we will focus on.” David Li said that in the supply chain, Huawei is stronger and more confident than in the past two years.

“We assure our Indian customers that we are capable of supplying, and we will comply with all agreements of the contract in terms of support, maintenance and supply.”

“For 2021, we are very confident. We have been making a very stable business plan, and we will overcome all challenges.”