According to Reuters, on September 26, local time, Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei said at a business forum that Huawei’s supply from the United States could survive. At present, Huawei has begun to produce 5G base stations that do not contain US parts, and will expand mass production next year.

In May of this year, the US Department of Commerce officially listed Huawei as an “entity list”, prohibiting US companies from selling related technologies and products to Huawei unless they obtained government permission.

In this context, on the 26th, Ren Zhengfei said in a dialogue with Jerry Kaplan and the Royal Academy of Engineering academician Peter Kirklen that the shipment of Huawei’s 5G base station will reach 5,000 per month in October this year. It is expected that with the introduction of this technology by more countries next year, the total production of Huawei 5G base stations will double.

Ren Zhengfei said, “Whether we (Huawei) can survive without the supply of the United States, this should be a fact,” but we can still use American parts to do it.

Ren Zhengfei said that Huawei conducted experiments on the new version switch in August and September. It can be mass-produced after October. This year’s output value is 600,000 base stations, and next year is 1.5 million base stations. He also revealed that many Western companies have already obtained products without US parts, and their confidence has increased greatly. I believe we can supply their goods.

Reuters reported that Zhang Wenlin, president of Huawei’s strategy department, said that Huawei’s base stations that do not contain US parts are no worse than those used in the United States. But do not want to provide further details.

However, Ren Zhengfei still hopes that the United States can resume the supply of spare parts. “Because our friends in these Western companies have had thirty years of friendship, people still have feelings. We can’t make money for us, so that friends can’t make money. We can’t do this at this point.”

Ren Zhengfei said that if the US company is willing to supply Huawei parts, “I definitely want to buy it. I would rather produce less of my own parts. I have to buy it, just to maintain the problem of globalization. I will not go completely independent. The road to renewal will eventually be a closed result.”

Earlier this month, the former president said that he was willing to authorize Huawei’s 5G technology to the West, including patents, codes, production technology and so on. He further said on the 26th, “We are not authorized to all Western companies, we are authorized to a Western company, that is, an exclusive company to buy our license. This company we think should be a US company.”

He said that on the one hand, it can get more money to develop new technologies, and the introduction of strong competitors will force the company’s 190,000 employees not to be lazy. “If you fall asleep, game’s over.”

Ren Zhengfei also believes that 5G should be regarded as a base station, not as an atomic bomb. “I think 5G is a pediatric thing. The biggest industry in the future is artificial intelligence. We don’t want artificial intelligence to suffer from physical lists. We hope to be human together.” Provide a service.”