Recently, China Telecom Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch (hereinafter referred to as “Shanghai Telecom”) announced the use of Huawei Business PON SMEs dedicated line solutions to create a new generation of Gigabit government and enterprise lines, to help the digital transformation of Shanghai SMEs, enabling thousands of businesses prosper.

Shanghai Telecom has always been the pioneer of global fiber-optic broadband construction. Its first “urban optical network” has realized the unified carrying of personal business, family business and enterprise/industry business. At present, Shanghai Telecom’s all-fiber network has already been 300,000 SMEs. Provide PON line service. With the continuous acceleration of enterprise informationization, digital transformation and new business innovation, more and more SMEs have put forward new requirements for private network: emerging small and medium-sized mobile game development companies need to use a lot of cloud rendering to enhance game graphics and sound effects. Quality, the bandwidth of the dedicated line determines the efficiency of the company’s operation; chain-type sales companies are increasingly using cloud services to store various sales data, and put forward higher demands on the transmission rate and transmission security of the dedicated line; the start-up 3D building. The design company’s real-life map is close to 200G, and to support the customer’s remote real-time viewing, it also needs to synchronize to the cloud in real time, and put forward new demands on the reliability and uplink bandwidth of the cloud line. At the same time, small and medium-sized enterprises have limited personnel, and simpler IT operation and maintenance has always been one of their demands for the dedicated line.

In order to better serve the demand of a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises, Shanghai Telecom and Huawei have jointly innovated to create a new PON line service in the Gigabit era. The Business PON SME line solution is the key result of joint innovation between the two parties. The program has five key capabilities:

Wide coverage, fast connection: all-optical access network ubiquitous fiber resources, hotspot area pre-coverage; gateway plug-and-play, service delivery at the minute level, fast connection to SMEs.

High bandwidth, continuous evolution: Supports symmetric network speeds up to 10Gbit/s, provides Gigabit leased line access capability, high-speed file uploading, and download efficiency up to 10 times.

High security and flexible access to the cloud: Based on security IPSec VPN access, the hardware encryption and decryption engine ensures that the tunnel performance is comprehensive and protects enterprise data security. Huawei’s self-developed chip and optimization algorithm support 3Gbps VxLAN one-hop cloud forwarding performance twice as much as the industry to ensure high-speed cloud storage and access.

High reliability, quality assurance: high standard hardware selection, government and enterprise gateway availability >99.999%, its average time to no failure is leading to ensure carrier-class application requirements.

Simple operation, all in One: A gateway replaces multiple device stacks, simplifying enterprise networking and reducing enterprise IT operation and maintenance costs by 30%.

Shanghai Telecom said that “Huawei Business PON SMEs dedicated line solutions can effectively support Shanghai Telecom to create differentiated line products, and provide customized line services for different types of small and medium-sized enterprises, so as to better match the needs of various enterprises’ digital transformation. Shanghai Telecom will further empower the transformation of Shanghai’s industrial digitalization, increase the vertical field layout, help more enterprise customers achieve intelligent transformation, and enable the innovation and development of thousands of industries.”

Zhou Jun, president of Huawei Access Network, said: “The digital transformation of enterprises has brought new opportunities for the development of private line services for operators. Huawei will further increase technological innovation in the era of Gigabit ultra-wide, and jointly explore 10G PON technology with Shanghai Telecom. At the same time, Huawei’s SingleFAN Pro all-optical access solution provides high-quality Gigabit broadband services to home users while providing high-volume SMEs/industry users.  Gigabit government and enterprise dedicated services with connectivity, high bandwidth, high security, high reliability and simple operation.”

Up to now, Huawei has signed commercial contracts for Gigabit fiber-optic broadband with more than 30 operators worldwide. 10G PON OLT (optical line terminal equipment) has shipped more than 1.5 million ports worldwide, helping operators build leading Gigabit telecoms.