On March 17, the first batch of medical masks raised by the Hengtong Group has arrived in Europe. This time, the destination is locked in Spain, where the epidemic is more serious. The materials were urgently purchased in China by Hengtong International Industry Group.

Since March, the global new crown has continued to spread; the Spanish new crown epidemic situation is urgent; the diagnosis and the number have rapidly increased. At present, Spain has surpassed Germany and France to become the second largest epidemic country in Europe, and the entire territory has entered a “blockade state.” Except in certain circumstances, foreigners cannot leave their homes. Spain’s domestic epidemic prevention supplies are tight, and masks are urgently needed.

In the early stage, at a time when the domestic epidemic was developing rapidly, Hengtong Spain Cablescom arranged for the first time to contact local medical institutions to purchase a large number of medical masks, protective clothing, gloves, infrared forehead thermometers and disinfection gels in two batches. It’s a hipped to China to help fight the epidemic. “All our strength and encouragement comes from China, and we will always be with you,” said Veronica, CEO of Hengtong Cablescom in Spain. As Veronica said, at the same time, Hengtong companies in South Africa, Germany, Brazil, Portugal and other countries. They have also taken actions to purchase a large number of medical supplies through various channels to assist domestic efforts to fight the epidemic.

At the moment when the Spanish epidemic is at its worst, we are watching and helping each other. Since February 29, Hengtong has started emergency procurement when domestic mask production capacity is gradually recovering, preparing to send multiple batches of protective materials such as masks to overseas. At the same time, “relevant measures for Hengtong to cope with the new crown pneumonia epidemic” were sent to overseas industrial bases for reference of companies.

In addition to Spanish companies, masks purchased by Hengtong International Industry Group have also arrived in Brazil. Next, masks and forehead guns sent to Portugal, Germany, South Africa, Egypt and other countries will arrive one after another. Hengtong and its global partners have overcome the difficulties and worked together to overcome the epidemic.