Great Plains Communications (GPC) is a leading telecommunications provider in the Midwest, with a growing private fiber optic network covering 13 states. The company is deploying Ciena’s coherent routing solution and Wavogic 5 Nano (WL5n) technology. This deployment will increase the network capacity, reliability, and resilience of GPC to meet the growing bandwidth needs of businesses, operators, and residential customers.Great Plains Communications
Through the enhanced features brought by network upgrades, GPC can:
Support up to 10Gb/s FTTT customers for 5G and xHaul services, with a capacity 10 times that of the past.
Provide high-performance and scalable 400G Data Center Interconnection (DCI) services for large cloud and data center operators.
Ensure the maximum resilience of the second layer VPN through segmented routing to protect packet services.
Tony Thakur, Chief Technology Officer of Great Plains Communications, stated: “We strive to continuously improve our network to meet growing bandwidth demands with greater scalability and flexibility. GPC is committed to providing a customer experience that meets or exceeds customers’ constantly changing needs and expectations, whether it is ultra fast 5G, cloud computing, or high bandwidth applications such as streaming video and games. Ciena’s coherent routing, switching, and optical technologies play a key role in this regard.”
Kevin Sheehan, Chief Technology Officer of Ciena Americas, stated: “As a leading regional service provider in the central and western regions, GPC has always been focused on the future, especially in terms of technological progress and growing traffic curves. With Ciena’s innovative coherent routing solutions, GPC can support massive network demands and constantly changing traffic patterns, meeting the needs of its commercial and residential customers through new demands, high bandwidth services such as 5G and cloud connectivity.”
The GPC network is managed by Ciena’s Management, Control, and Planning (MCP) multi-layer domain controller, utilizing Ciena’s coherent routing solution, including 5164 routers and 8110 coherent aggregation routers with WL5n 100G-400G coherent pluggable, as well as a 6500 packet optical platform powered by Wavogic coherent optics for optical transmission. Ciena Services will provide installation, debugging, and testing services for the network to accelerate its time to market. Ciena will also perform ongoing maintenance services to ensure that the network operates at its highest performance.