It was reported that the FotonixTM new platform of the GlobalFoundries was released. The high-performance RF, digital CMOS and silicon photonic (SiPH) circuits were integrated on the same chip. At the same time, the scale, efficiency and strict process control of the 300 mm chip production were utilized.
In the fields of data center interconnection, optical network, photon computing, fiber to the home (FTTH) and joint packaging optics, GlobalFoundries has identified this innovative technology to meet the most urgent, complex and difficult challenges today and in the future.

 What is the next step for silicon photon technology to enter the hands of manufacturers and Create an end-to-end ecosystem for silicon optics? It is crucial to expand the photonic technology of GlobalFoundries in the market. GlobalFoundries said that it was cooperating with industry leaders in packaging, EDA tools and other key categories to help its silicon photonic product portfolio to create an end-to-end ecosystem, enabling its customers to develop and manufacture innovative chips.
GlobalFoundries said that its partner Fabricet is a supplier of advanced optical packaging and precision optical, electromechanical and electronic manufacturing services for OEMs of complex products, including optical communication components, modules and subsystems, automotive components, medical equipment, industrial optical exciters and sensors. Fabricet combines the expertise of the grid core to achieve a high number of fibers, passively arranged fiber array, which is used to input and output light from the silicon photonic chip. This development makes use of the existing mature manufacturing technology of Fabricet in optical components and components, as well as the co-packaged optical components, and eliminates the need for transceivers by packaging silicon switch circuits and optical components in modules or packages.
Taking advantage of the silicon photonic sample of the GlobalFoundries and sharing its technological expertise, Fabricet has now demonstrated the fiber connection capability of 90nm silicon photonics technology.
The two companies also cooperated to introduce optical fiber connection into the 45nm platform technology of GlobalFoundries, including lattice Fotonix silicon photonic chip, and it is expected that these technologies will be fully tested and certified by the end of 2022.
With the support of GlobalFoundries, the wafer with optical fiber connection developed by Fabricet will fully meet Telcordia’s industry standards by the end of 2022.
Silicon photon is known as a major breakthrough in silicon chip production. The process of converting highly advanced chips from production to products is extremely complex. This process starts with the availability of silicon and depends on the ecosystem providing EDA tools, design suites, software, packaging innovation, test tools and other elements to form a complete silicon solution.
With the mass supply of silicon photon-based chips starting later this year, the industry is expected to see significant absorption in these applications: high-performance computing, quantum computing, artificial intelligence, telecommunications, networking, virtual and augmented reality, national defense and aerospace.
Fabricet provides a wide range of advanced optical and electromechanical capabilities throughout the manufacturing process, including process design and engineering, supply chain management, manufacturing, advanced packaging, integration, final assembly and testing. Fabricet focuses on producing any combination and any number of highly complex products. Fabricet has engineering and manufacturing resources and facilities in Thailand, the United States, China, Israel and the United Kingdom.