Fujitsu Limited and Oracle are collaborating to provide sovereign cloud and AI capabilities to help address the digital sovereignty needs of Japanese enterprises and public sectors. Through oracle bone alloy, Fujitsu will expand its hybrid IT products for Fujitsu Uvance, helping customers develop their business and solve social problems. Fujitsu will be able to independently operate Oracle Alloy in its Japanese data center and have additional control over its operations.

Fujitsu will deploy Oracle Alloy, a cloud infrastructure platform that provides over 100 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) services, including generative artificial intelligence, as part of Fujitsu’s Uvance Hybrid IT product portfolio, providing customers with local and cloud based infrastructure. This will enable businesses and the public sector to directly utilize the sovereign cloud infrastructure and sovereign artificial intelligence of Fujitsu’s data centers operating in Japan. Oracle is the only large-scale enterprise that can provide artificial intelligence and a complete set of over 100 cloud services anywhere. Based on the knowledge accumulated through use cases in the Japanese market, Fujitsu will actively consider expanding Oracle Alloy to other markets.Fujitsu

Kazushi Koga, Senior Vice President of Fujitsu Limited, said, “Fujitsu has been collaborating with partners who have advantages in their respective fields as part of Fujitsu’s advanced hybrid IT products to address customer challenges. Our collaboration with Oracle enables us to provide a sovereign cloud product that ensures Fujitsu’s operational governance while achieving ultra large scale functionality and digital sovereignty capabilities.”

Scott Twaddle, Senior Vice President of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Products and Industry, said, “Through Oracle Alloy, we will bring our best cloud technology to help Fujitsu’s customers achieve business and social transformation and modernization. Fujitsu’s sovereign cloud approach in Japan is proof of its forward-looking technology strategy. We look forward to continuing to collaborate with Fujitsu to bring cloud services to more customers worldwide.”

“The strategic partnership with Fujitsu is an important step towards providing cloud computing, which addresses the digital sovereignty requirements of Japanese enterprises and public sectors. Fujitsu and Oracle will continue to promote the use of cutting-edge cloud technologies, including sovereign artificial intelligence, to help customers improve the resilience of their mission critical operations,” said Toshimitsu Misawa, a member of the Board of Directors, CEO, and President of Oracle Japan.