Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said on Thursday that he expects 50% of the company’s employees will work remotely within the next five to ten years.

Zuckerberg said: “On our scale, we will become the most forward-looking company in remote areas.”

He said that the company will start allowing certain employees to work remotely full time.  Zuckerberg said that if these employees move to other locations before January 1, 2021, they must notify the company. Therefore, the salary of these employees may be adjusted according to the new location.

Zuckerberg said: “At that time, we will adjust the salary according to the location of the employees.” “As for dishonest people will have serious consequences.”

Zuckerberg announced that Facebook will “actively” increase the employment of remote employees, and the company will adopt a “planned approach” to create permanent remote jobs for existing employees.

Zuckerberg made a prediction in the weekly live broadcast of employees, and told them that this decision should help the company increase employee retention, which will enable Facebook to recruit from the talent pool. Many talents did not consider moving to big cities before. In addition, this decision will enable Facebook to improve the diversity of its workforce and provide employment opportunities for more places.

Zuckerberg said: “When you only hire people who live in a few large cities or are willing to move there, you will cut a lot of people who live in different communities, have different backgrounds or have different views.”

Zuckerberg said that at present, 95% of Facebook’s employees are working remotely.  Zuckerberg said a survey conducted by Facebook found that 50% of employees said they work at home as efficiently as they do in the office. Among Facebook employees, 40% said they were very, very or somewhat interested in full-time remote work. Among those employees, 75% said they were confident, or if they could work remotely, they might moved to another city.

Zuckerberg said: “For people, a lot of work to be transferred to a few large cities is an unfortunate and unsustainable setting.”

First, Facebook will allow existing employees to request permanent remote work if certain conditions are met. Zuckerberg said that this includes experienced employees- employees who have recently performed well, employees who support remote work, and employees who have been approved by the team leader. Zuckerberg said that this will not include fresh graduate employees.

Facebook is a company that recently announced its decision to continue to support remote work.  Earlier, companies such as Twitter, Square and Shopify have all made similar decisions.

On the occasion of Zuckerberg’s announcement, Facebook announced new features of the company’s enterprise communications software Workplace. The company announced on Thursday that, driven by the corona virus epidemic, Workplace’s paying users have increased from 3 million (in October) to 5 million.