Ericsson and Qatar Ooredoo provide artificial intelligence (AI) solutions on the trusted Microsoft cloud in the country. The deployment of Ericsson cognitive software optimizes the 5G user experience and realizes seamless connection.

EricssonEricsson’s new optimization solution uses advanced artificial intelligence technologies such as digital twist technology and deep reinforcement learning to analyze the wireless access network (RAN), actively provide mobile network optimization suggestions and solve specific network performance problems, achieve excellent user experience, and reduce operating costs.
Sheikh Nasser Bin Hamad Bin Nasser Al Thani, Chief Commercial Officer of Oordoo Qatar, said: “Qatar’s telecommunications industry has made great efforts over the years to reach the peak of this important milestone. We are working with Ericsson to provide the best next-generation 5G connection experience for millions of people. This will enable our customers to enjoy extremely high network speed, low latency and large data capacity.”

Ooredoo 的图像结果Ericsson’s technology and solutions will enable Ooredoo Qatar to provide and promote a large number of use cases based on enhanced mobile broadband, with high network speed, low latency and large data capacity.
Kevin Murphy, vice president of Ericsson Middle East and Africa and head of the Ooredoo Group in the Levant region and global customer department, said: “Since we started our business in Qatar, we have been committed to strengthening the country’s cellular infrastructure and creating an environment to promote innovation and technology adoption to support Qatar’s national agenda. Through the network modernization, infrastructure deployment and network enhancement supported by AI, we have focused on supporting Ooredo Qatar and providing first-class performance.”
Masroor Hamid, head of Microsoft’s Qatar telecommunications department, said: “By using the power of Microsoft Cloud, telecom operators can transition to a more flexible and scalable model, reduce infrastructure costs, use artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate operations, and create service differentiation. Through our large-scale data center in Qatar, Ooredoo Qatar and Ericsson are enabling organizations in various industries to rapidly innovate new 5G services.”
Ericsson Performance Optimization Suite is part of the cognitive software package in Ericsson’s operation engine. It can be implemented through authorization, software as a service (SaaS), or as part of a service package.