Equinix said it has completed acquisitions of three data centers that serve customers in Mexico City and the Monterrey metro area in Mexico. The data center services company paid $ 175 million in cash to facilities at Axtel S.A.B.de C.V. (BMV: AXTELCPO). The data center provides a total of approximately 115,000 square feet of colocation space and has sufficient power capacity to make Equinix one of the country’s largest network-neutral data center operators.

The two newly acquired plants are located in Queretaro, Mexico, and serve Mexico City.  Equinix said it currently operates five network service providers in each data center. The first facility was renamed Equinix MX1 IBX data center, with a total GFA of 110,000 square feet and 37,000 square feet of hosting space. Equinix said the building is the first data center in Latin America to use an energy cogeneration system. The facility is also certified by the International Association of Computer Lab Specialists (ICREA). The second facility, now called EquinixMX2, has 80,000 square feet of data center and 6,000 square feet of hosting space. The company said the facility could be expanded to provide up to 60,000 square feet of hosting space.

The Monterrey facility (renamed Equinix MO1) provides 25,000 total square feet of data center space and 12,500 square feet of colocation space. It is an operator-neutral facility with 10 network service providers.

The company said that during the 12 months ended December 31, 2018, the three facilities collectively generated approximately $ 21 million in revenue and EBITDA margins increased Equinix’s business. The sales agreement requires current hosting customers in three data centers to transition to Equinix. Axtel is both an Equinix customer in Mexico and a strategic marketing partner.

The deal is part of a plan that has cost Equinix more than $ 500 million in Latin American operations, including Brazil, Colombia and now Mexico. Dan Thompson said: “As Latin America is expected to be the region with the fastest growth in managed services in the next five years, this acquisition positions Equinix to seek to expand and build its IT infrastructure in the region’s major fringe metropolises. Three new data centers in Mexico will increase Equinix’s operations in Brazil and Colombia, as well as operations at the North-South interconnection points in Miami and Dallas.”

Héctor Nava Cortinas, CEO of Totalplay Empresarial, said: “We are living in a digital age where everyone and everyone are getting closer and closer. The growing amount of data, coupled with the development of mobile communications, has made users more sustainable. The demand for access to information and content is increasing. For Totalplay Empresarial, providing the best experience for customers is essential. Equinix is a trusted partner providing services in the United States and Colombia, offering unique interconnected services. With the business expanding into Mexico, we look forward to further expanding our business on Equinix’s global platform. “