Dropbox (NASDAQ: DBX) and NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA) announced a collaboration on the 17th. Both parties will leverage the power of AI to enhance their knowledge work and productivity for millions of Dropbox customers.
This collaboration will further expand Dropbox’s rich AI functionality through a new personalized generative AI application to improve search accuracy, provide better organizational structure, and simplify customer workflows in cloud content.
Dropbox plans to use NVIDIA AI Foundry, consisting of NVIDIA AI Foundation Models, NVIDIA AI Enterprise software, and NVIDIA accelerated computing, to enhance its latest AI product experience, including a universal search tool called Dropbox Dash that connects applications, tools, and content in a search bar to help customers find the content they need; Dropbox AI, a tool that can summarize large files in the entire Dropbox based on customer inquiries, as well as other AI features in Dropbox.Dropbox
Drew Houston, co-founder and CEO of Dropbox, stated: The latest developments in the field of generative AI have brought infinite possibilities for improving knowledge work and addressed many of our pain points in organizational structure, priorities, and priorities. AI has the potential to alleviate daily tasks, unleash our creativity, and help us complete more meaningful work. We are delighted to work with NVIDIA to use their technology in a new way to provide customers with more personalized AI Experience
NVIDIA founder and CEO Huang Renxun said, “The influence of AI is expanding from cloud services to enterprise generated AI assistants, which will drive the most significant transformation in the computing industry to date. NVIDIA and Dropbox will work together to pave the way for millions of Dropbox customers to accelerate their work through custom generated AI applications
AI will change knowledge work.”NVIDIA
For a long time, Dropbox has firmly believed in the potential of AI to change knowledge work. For many years, the company has been integrating AI and machine learning into its core product experience to help customers complete their most important tasks, save time, and improve efficiency.

The flexible tools developed by NVIDIA enable Dropbox to provide new AI driven features, improving the intelligence level of customer content and workflows. Leveraging NVIDIA AI Foundation Models and NVIDIA NeMo? Framework (an end-to-end platform for building, customizing, and deploying large language models), Dropbox can customize and fine-tune LLM to provide more personalized and relevant information, as well as security controls, privacy, and transparency that millions of Dropbox customers rely on.
Dropbox can also include NVIDIA Triton inference servers? And NVIDIA TensorRT- NVIDIA AI Enterprise software, including LLM, improves the inference performance of production level AI.