In the context of the shift of mobile communications to 5G and the accelerated production of personal computers and smartphones, the new crown pandemic has caused the shutdown of many chip factories around the world, and the logistics chains of many countries have been disrupted, which has increased the demand for semiconductors and the shortage of mobile phones. Experts studying the Russian telecommunications market believe that chip shortages continue to affect global smartphone production. In the context of strong demand, the price of mobile devices will continue to rise this year and may increase by at least 10%.

Russian Mobile Research Group chief analyst Elidar Murtagin said that there is a shortage of parts, which will affect production, and it is a global production. In terms of prices, it has risen by 35% this year and is likely to rise by another 10%. This may happen in the fall.

Russian Collaborative University Robotics and Mechatronics Institute Andrei Volostnov said that at present, the demand for chips in the field of mobile devices exceeds 10%-30% of the supply.  Large smart phone manufacturers must wait for the chip for 4-5 months, and small manufacturers must wait at least 10 months. He said that the price of mobile devices will rise by 5%-8%, but this refers to market leaders such as Samsung, Apple, and Huawei. Smaller manufacturers will be forced to reduce shipments and cancel the introduction of new models.

Anton Gusikov, Director of Public Relations of the Association of Household Appliances and Computer Equipment Traders and Manufacturers, emphasized that the increase in mobile phone prices can usually be offset by pushing new ones: new models are always more expensive, and older models are cheaper.