On August 11th, on the big screen of the State Grid Shaanxi Electric Power Emergency Command Center, 4K high-definition images of 750 kV Nanshan Substation were transmitted in real time through the 5G network of China Unicom Shaanxi Branch, marking the entry of Shaanxi Power into the 5G era.

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On June 6, 2019, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a 5G commercial license to four operators including China Unicom, which kicked off the 5G commercial. The power industry is closely related to the information and communication industry. The communication needs of various types of power grid equipment, power terminals, and power customers are exploding. It is urgent to build a “ubiquitous, full coverage” that is secure and trustworthy, flexible in access, and two-way real-time interaction. The distribution communication access network is supported by advanced communication technologies and systems that are advanced, reliable, stable and efficient. 5G’s large bandwidth, low latency, high reliability and large connectivity provide better protection for smart grid service bearers.

The 750 kV Nanshan Substation is a demonstration hub of Shaanxi Power Grid. State Grid Shaanxi ICT Co., Ltd., as the main force and leader of Shaanxi Electric Power Information and Communication Construction, jointly launched the 5G application exploration with China Unicom Shaanxi Branch and Huawei. The initial 5G application focused on eMBB services to achieve high-definition video surveillance at the 750 kV Nanshan substation. In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the project, the three parties worked closely together to set up a special project team to participate in the planning of the 5G pre-construction, on-site industrial survey to assess the design plan, formulate the construction plan, etc., regularly hold the construction promotion meeting, organize the construction personnel to carry out safety training and safety. The examinations ensure that all aspects of the construction process are safe and controllable. After the 5G site is opened, the transmission network delay is as low as 10 milliseconds, and provides flexible, efficient, secure and reliable wireless access channels for various monitoring and monitoring systems and intelligent operation and maintenance systems in the station, realizing large bandwidth and low latency services of the substation. The flexible application provides a strong communication network support for the further research and application of the ubiquitous power IoT intelligent sensing service.

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In the future, China Unicom Shaanxi Branch will cooperate with State Grid Shaanxi Electric Power, Polymeric Ecology Partners and Research Institutes to further study the 5G pilot application, focusing on the two-way interaction of 4K high-definition surveillance audio and video signals and remote monitoring of intelligent panoramic AR inspection robots. Cross-station power grid 1 line protection, security control system, etc., fully verify the application of 5G in the safety production and operation management scenarios of power grid enterprises.