China Mobile International Limited (CMI) announced the official launch of its self-built data center in Singapore. This is the first overseas data center operated by CMI. It is also the core of CMI’s second cloud network in Asia Pacific, integrating international network switching hub and Internet data center. This move is another major milestone in the global layout of CMI. It is of great significance to help transform the digital economy in the Asia-Pacific region, promote global high-speed interconnection, and implement the Belt and Road Initiative.


China Mobile International Limited (CMI) Singapore Data Center

In the era of digital transformation, companies in the Asia-Pacific region hope to tap the potential of cloud computing, and the demand for data center services is greatly enhanced. According to Cushman & Wakefield’s February 2019 Asia and Australia Data Centre Reports, Singapore has a strong optical network and is geographically advantageous because of its location in Asia. The market can enjoy low latency data services. The Asian market, especially Singapore, continues to grow in demand for data centers, driving data center infrastructure. To meet customers’ needs, CMI has established a Singapore data center and operates directly.

CMI Singapore Data Center is directly connected to CMI Singapore’s local optical ring, connecting Singapore’s major data centers; relying on Asia Pacific, radiating the world, through the close connection of Asia Pacific Cable (APG, SJC, SJC2), and Asia-Europe Cable (SMW5) and other submarine cables, seamlessly connecting Asia Pacific, Indian Ocean, Europe, Middle East and African countries and regions. Its global network coverage capability enables customers to access high-speed interconnection. CMI Singapore Data Center aims to promote the rapid development of connectivity, cloud computing, CDN and other products, and connect with the major cloud service providers in Singapore. Cable, network and cloud go hand in hand to provide customers with safe and reliable cloud deployment and hosting capabilities to help enterprises achieve hybrid cloud deployment, Netcom worldwide.


Li Feng, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of China Mobile International Co., Ltd. said: “The global layout of CMI, the completion of the first overseas data center in Singapore is of great significance. With the close integration of abundant submarine cable resources, the Singapore data center will greatly satisfy Asia Pacific customers are demanding low latency and high stability. Singapore is not only the world’s leading economic center, but also an important fulcrum for the the Belt and Road. We will also actively deploy data centers in London, England and Frankfurt, Germany. A synergy will be formed with the Singapore data center to further promote global connectivity.”

The CMI Singapore Data Center is located in the Dacheng Industrial Park in Singapore with a total gross floor area of 17,490 square meters and a total of more than 2,100 racks. It is designed according to the International Data Center Tier III+ standard and has been awarded the Tier III design by the Uptime Institute. Document (TCDD) and Tier III Facility Build (TCCF) certification, featuring high availability, reliability, and scalability. This data center is not only equipped with dual power supply and dual-route fiber introduction, but also upgrades the main computer room power specification to 2N UPS system to support 15-minute battery backup, and is equipped with N+1 diesel generator set. Its cylinder full-load working time is up to 24 hour. The international leading technologies used in the data center also include new modular UPS equipment, chillers, air conditioning and refrigeration system dual piping systems, and 24-hour continuous cooling. The comprehensive low-energy facility configuration meets the highest Green Mark Platinum certification and will provide customers with stable and reliable data center services.

With its huge network resources and the global layout of “roads, stations and islands”, CMI has gradually become a world-class and leading international operator. CMI is committed to coordinating the various IDC needs of multinational and Chinese corporate clients, and is committed to tailoring its own IDC services and quality network connectivity services to its customers’ business areas. In the future, CMI will continue to promote the global IDC layout, fully realize the synergy effect, achieve efficient convergence and flexible scheduling of international traffic, and provide customers with access to global bandwidth.