CCSA held the “Next Generation Optical Transport Network Industry and Technical Standards Promotion Committee (TC618)” inaugural meeting on December 25, 2020. At the meeting, CCSATC618/NGOF released a high-quality private line technology white paper (2020 version) for the cloud era which proposes a five-star high-quality experience index for cloud-network integration, which defines the service quality experience requirements of cloud-network integration from five dimensions: security, reliability, convenience, responsiveness, and perception, and fully adapts to users’ demand for cloudification, production system cloudification, and core system cloudification in different industries in the office system. The release of the white paper will further support operators to build differentiated cloud-network convergence products and services, give full play to their network advantages, realize unified cloud-network management, and bring high-quality cloud-network convergence service experience to end industry users.

In 2020, the epidemic has accelerated the popularization of remote office, online education and other services, and enterprise cloud access has become the key to resuming work and production.  Gartner predicts that the global cloud computing market will exceed 350 billion US dollars in 2023.  The “Cloud Computing Development White Paper (2020)” issued by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology also pointed out that China’s private cloud market will reach 79 billion yuan in 2020, an increase of 22.6% from 2019, and it is expected to reach 150 billion yuan by 2023. With the acceleration of the industry’s cloud migration, industry users’ demands for cloud-network integration products and services continue to increase, especially in high-value industries such as government affairs, finance, medical care, and industrial parks for cloud security, network bandwidth, latency, and reliability, Isolation, self-management, etc., put forward clear index requirements, which pose a severe challenge to the existing cloud-network integration service products of operators.

Based on this, the NGOF Cloud & Dedicated Line Bearer Working Group proposed a five-dimensional service experience index system for cloud-network integration, and focused on defining the highest five-star cloud-network integration service experience index:

Security: Exclusive cloud/industry cloud services with guarantee level 3 and above, and the cloud-entry dedicated line is carried by the dedicated network isolated by L1 hard pipe;

Reliability: The cloud network service index is 99.99%, supporting active and standby cloud pools, and the reliability of private line access services in the active and standby cloud pools reaches 99.99%;

Awareness: The user’s CE egress router is directly connected to the cloud pool dedicated line switch in one hop. The 100km end-to-end turn-on delay is <1ms, and the delay jitter is <10%, and it has nothing to do with the network load.

Responsiveness: Cloud network service supports day-level activation, real-time fault response, and hour-level fault recovery.

Convenience: pre-sales cloud-network service integration ordering, real-time visualization of cloud-network resources, flexible adjustment, cloud-network services can be customized.

Zhao Wenyu, the leader of the NGOF Cloud & Private Line Working Group, pointed out: “Cloud network integration will accelerate the deep integration of optical networks and cloud services. The integration of cloud and light to create five-star quality cloud and network integration applications will be the construction of telecom operators for vertical industries. The core competitiveness of differentiated cloud network services. Facing the future, NGOF will work with upstream and downstream industries to jointly promote the further innovation of high-quality cloud-optical integration applications, bringing high-quality cloud-network services to many differentiated industry users, and promoting the prosperity and development of technology and application industries of global optical networks.”

CCSA has always attached great importance to standardization work, and always takes the organization of information and communication standardization activities as its responsibility and mission, so as to make contributions to the development of national informatization and information industry. With the establishment of CCSA TC618, NGOF will also enter a brand-new stage. It will be able to make better use of its own industrial and technical capabilities, and combine with CCSA’s extremely advantageous industry and standard platforms to promote the continuous development and leadership of China’s optical network industry.