According to British media, semiconductors and chips have become hot words that have attracted the attention of the Chinese people. Many people see chip development as the main core technology that enables China’s industry and technology to upgrade.

According to the BBC Chinese website reported on December 21, many people hope that Chinese chip companies can take the opportunity to achieve “curve overtaking” and catch up with the world’s advanced level. It is reported that there are already nearly 2,000 chip design related companies in China.

According to the report, Bloomberg was quoted as saying that today, Chinese high-tech enterprises have strengthened their demand for domestic supply, which has brought about 300 billion US dollars (US $ 1).

Some scholars believe that China is now investing heavily in chips, but it is still in its infancy.

According to reports, in the past nearly ten years, China’s annual imports of chips are of great value, and the strategic importance and economic rationality of high-tech core technology autonomy have become prominent.

According to the report, Chinese chip companies can get preferential tax reduction and exemption from the government. The Chinese government announced that domestic chip companies could be exempt from tax for 2-5 years depending on their technical difficulties and investment scale.  These preferential policies basically include the production of high-end, low-end chips.

The OECD released a report on December 12, stating that from 2014 to 2018, the world’s 21 largest semiconductor companies received government subsidies of US $ 50 billion in the form of government funding and purchase of shares including 6 US companies and some Chinese companies.