ADVA announced that Brandywine Communications is using its OSA 5422 grandmaster clock to provide powerful and feature-rich M-Code timing solutions for use cases such as applications of the US Department of Defense. The new edge synchronization product solves the key requirements of the military network by providing enhanced positioning, navigation and time service capabilities and improved flexibility. Based on Oscilloquartz’s multi-function timing technology and integrated M-Code function, this solution is the ideal choice for the most demanding military edge applications. It supports 1Gbit/s and 10Gbit/s interfaces, provides innovative GNSS guarantee function and backup through OscilloQuartz’s reliable PNT (aPNT+) technology, and meets the most stringent timing requirements in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

 Allen Ronk, president of Brandywine Communications, said: “Our M-Code edge timing product will change the game rules of defense applications. Powered by ADVA’s OSA 5422 super-class clock, it meets the most urgent needs of military networks for accurate and reliable PNT information, and provides a new level of reliability and security. One of the key features of OSA 5422 is its long delay and PTP backup, which makes it able to maintain accurate timing even in the case of M-Code interruption. This is necessary to meet various difficulties High-voltage defense network operating in the environment is crucial. Our solution has multi-source backup function to ensure that M-Code interruption will not interrupt synchronization. It also provides synchronization assurance, continuously monitors the performance of the timing system, and takes immediate corrective actions when needed. ”
M-Code is an encrypted GPS signal, which is specially used by the US military in defense applications that require accurate and reliable synchronization. M-Code can resist interference and deception, and is a valuable asset of defense organizations operating under challenging conditions. The OSA 5422 grandmaster clock of ADVA now integrates a highly reliable M-Code receiver to meet strict frequency and phase synchronization requirements and provide the best delay performance of any edge device on the market. When M-Code is not available, the device is also equipped with a multi-band, multi-construction GNSS receiver, which supports BITS, irg and other traditional interfaces, and has 8 on-site upgradeable 10Gbit/s ports and 1Gbit/s interfaces. The OSA 5422 also provides environmental reinforcement through hot-swappable modules and power supplies for on-site upgrades.
Gil Biran, general manager of ADVA Oscilloquertz, said: “With the increasing demand for accurate and reliable PNT capability in military applications, the demand for secure, anti-jamming and deceptive m-code technology has become more and more urgent. With its long delay, multi-source backup function, synchronization guarantee function and other advanced functions, our OSA 5422 can fully meet this demand. We are pleased to cooperate with Brandywine Communications to become our strategic partner and bring our innovation to The United States and other places rely on accurate and reliable PNT in defense applications. As defense organizations seek to enhance PNT capability and flexibility, the military GPS receiver market with M-Code function is growing. We are working together to help new customers benefit from the industry’s most agile synchronization toolkit.”