According to foreign media reports, the Telecommunications Industry Solutions Alliance recently announced that Apple, Google, Intel and other companies have joined the industry organization “6G Alliance” in the United States. The “6G Alliance” is committed to promoting the leading position of North American mobile technology in 6G and beyond in the next ten years, and at the same time promoting the long-term evolution of 5G.

It is reported that Apple is one of the 11 new members of the organization. Other members include Charter, Cisco, Google, HP, Intel, LG, Mavenir, MITRE and VMware.

In the previous ATIS news report, it was pointed out that the initial strategic actions of the 6G alliance will focus on three aspects:

1. Develop a 6G national roadmap to cope with the ever-changing competitive landscape and promote North America to become a global leader in R&D, standardization, manufacturing and adoption of 6G technology;

  1. Promote the alignment of the North American technology industry on a series of core priorities, thereby ensuring North America’s leadership in 6G and future technologies, and influencing government policies and funding;

3. Identify and define early steps and strategies to promote and lead the rapid commercialization of 6G technology in new markets and commercial fields, and promote its wide-ranging domestic and global applications.