News on March 24, Amazon internal e-mail notification, has recruited external executive Adam Selipsky to lead the cloud computing department (AWS). Selipsky is returning to work at Amazon this time. He used to serve as the vice president of sales, marketing and technical support in Amazon’s cloud computing department.

Selipsky joined Amazon Cloud Computing in 2005 and has been working here for 11 consecutive years. In 2016, Selipsky left Amazon and joined Tableau, a data visualization software developer that just went public. In 2019, cloud computing service provider Salesforce spent $15.7 billion to acquire the company. Before returning to Amazon, Selipsky served as CEO of Tableau.

Amazon’s internal email stated that Selipsky will return to work in Amazon’s cloud computing department on May 17. According to Amazon’s previously announced handover plan, the current head of cloud computing Andy Jassy will take over as Amazon’s CEO, and the current CEO Bezos will spend more time on charity and personally interested projects, such as Blue Origin, a private space company.

Regarding Selipsky’s succession, Jassy said: “He brings strong judgment and management experience to the already very strong cloud computing leadership team. After 11 years of senior positions in the department, he is very knowledgeable about our culture and business.”