According to foreign media reports, Alibaba is expanding its cloud business in Asia. Few days ago, Alibaba Cloud, the company’s cloud computing business unit, announced that it will open two new data centers in South Korea and Thailand in 2022 to meet the cloud computing needs of enterprises in these two countries.

Alibaba Cloud said that with this South Korean data center, local enterprises of all sizes will be able to deploy the critical workloads while enjoying cloud services that are more reliable, safer, and lower latency. In Thailand, the local factory will provide products and solutions that comply with Thailand 4.0.

In order to cope with the investment in infrastructure, Alibaba Cloud also announced a number of technologies, products, and solutions to improve the security and availability of services, and enhance its adaptability in cloud native and enterprise internal environments, so as to facilitate enterprises and developers can use public cloud services.

Alibaba Cloud’s international headquarters is located in Singapore. It provides a comprehensive set of cloud computing services for global enterprises. Its rich and diverse ecosystem covers e-commerce, payment, logistics and supply chain management solutions. Currently, Alibaba Cloud’s revenue accounts for 8% of Alibaba’s total revenue.

In June this year, the company announced that it plans to open its first data center in the Philippines before the end of this year to expand its footprint in Asia.