Recently, the world’s leading manufacturer of optoelectronic devices and modules, Accelink, launched optoelectronic integrated pluggable ELS light source module products, mainly used in the next generation NPO/CPO optoelectronic interconnection application field.
In order to meet the future demand for higher speed optical interconnection, solutions such as CPO and NPO have been proposed in the industry. Due to the consideration of heat dissipation, maintainability, and reliability, the architecture based on external light sources (ELS) and NPO/CPO optical engines is widely recognized in the industry. Among them, the ELS light source module is connected to the switch through the same photoelectric port, which not only can alleviate the heat dissipation problem of highly integrated inside the switch, but also improves the maintainability and high reliability of the overall system based on the pluggable product form.Accelink
The pluggable CPO ELS self developed light source module released by Accelink is a leader in terms of photoelectric indicators that meet OIF-Co-Packaging-FD-01.0 and CPO JDF protocols, and can support 3.2T CPO optical engines.
It is reported that with the increase in Internet and 5G/6G users, as well as the surge in delay sensitive traffic from artificial intelligence, machine learning (ML), the Internet of Things (IoT), and virtual reality traffic, the data rate requirements for optical transceivers will rapidly increase; AI, ML, VR, and AR require significant bandwidth in data centers, and have extremely high requirements for low latency. Based on various factors, the market size of CPO is expected to continue to expand at a high speed in the future.