2degrees and Ericsson have announced a project to replace most of 2degrees’ existing microwave network infrastructure with the most advanced Ericsson MINI-LINK products.
This upgrade is part of 2degrees’ ongoing network modernization plan, aimed at enhancing its network capabilities and providing customers with world-class networks and services.
The first four microwave links have been successfully completed, and hundreds of microwave links will be proposed within the project schedule.
As part of the network lifecycle update, Ericsson will gradually replace and expand the existing microwave network technology of 2degrees with the MINI-LINK 6000 microwave solution.
Microwave technology is a key driver for establishing timely and cost-effective mobile coverage and capacity, providing speeds and delays comparable to fiber optics.
Ericsson’s MINI-LINK product portfolio is a market leading microwave series used for cost-effective mobile transmission networks. It includes split installation and all outdoor short and long-distance solutions, covering the complete microwave spectrum from 5GHz to 80GHz. This provides unparalleled flexibility and scalability for all deployment scenarios.
This agreement extends Ericsson’s ongoing partnership with 2degrees by modernizing the wireless access networks of telecommunications providers through Ericsson’s wireless system product portfolio and solutions, providing better experiences and services for consumers and corporate customers across New Zealand.
Stephen Kurzeja, Chief Technical Information Officer of 2degrees, said, “This project has helped us provide an industry-leading network for New Zealand. These upgrades, along with our ongoing commitment to network updates and modernization, will ensure that we continue to provide customers with high-quality connectivity based on market leading innovation. We look forward to seeing this have a positive impact on our network and customers.”
Emilio Romeo, head of Ericsson’s New Zealand and Australia business, said, “This agreement further supports Ericsson’s delivery of the 2degrees network in New Zealand. This agreement will enable Ericsson to further expand its partnership, provide market leading microwave technology for 2degrees, and change the telecommunications landscape in New Zealand.”