Recently, the Genesis Supercomputing Data Center has completed the main structure construction and is undergoing internal renovation. It is expected to be completed next May.


A reporter from the Meizhou Daily saw at the construction site that the main structure of the Genesis Supercomputing Data Center is a circular building, shaped like a earthen building, with a total of 7 floors, which has been capped and racked. Workers are installing internal masonry and facade glass walls. The main building has a diameter of about 280 meters and a total construction area of about 196,000 square meters. It took less than one year from the construction of the Spring Festival this year to the completion of the roof in November. The reporter learned that in order to improve the construction efficiency, the builder divided the construction area into 15 construction areas according to the building settlement joints and area, and then composed of 8 tower cranes with staggered heights to form a “assembly line” to ensure that 15 areas were constructed simultaneously.

Chen Linhai, the head of the Genesis Supercomputing Data Center project, told reporters that the company expects to build the first T2-level data center in Fujian Province, investing 500,000 supercomputing servers, and estimating the total investment to be no less than 10 billion yuan.  Among them, 1 billion is invested in data center construction, and 700 million is invested in basic buildings, including data center construction (independent construction), and equipment investment is over 10 billion. The main projects are various types of server nodes. The data center plans to provide data services for many world top 500 companies and film and television companies in the early stage, and gradually expand the scope of services for artificial intelligence, big data processing, 3D rendering, IC design, bioinformatics, materials science, dynamic simulation, macro-economic analysis and government decision support provide higher-performance supercomputing and parallel computing services. He said that the construction of high-performance supercomputing data centers can attract high-end applications that require high-performance computing platforms, improve the level of regional scientific research, and promote local economic development.

Fuzhou Chuangshiji Technology Co., Ltd. was established in June 2017 and signed a contract with Fuzhou High-tech Zone to settle in Senhong Technology Industrial Park. The project registration, operation and settlement are all in Fuzhou High-tech Zone. The first and second phases of the project use 11 factories in the Senhong Science and Technology Industrial Park for the construction of a data center, with a construction area of 170,200 square meters, a total of 160,000 computing servers, and a total investment of 10 billion yuan. At present, the third-phase project (high-tech data center) has been delisted, and the commencement ceremony was held on February 28, 2019. The project is currently in the stage of comprehensive construction.

Putian Genesis Technology Co., Ltd. was established in November 2017. The project covers an area of about 171 acres. It is planned to put 480,000 supercomputing servers together, with a total investment of about RMB 20-26 billion. After completion and operation, it is estimated that the annual sales income will reach 43 billion yuan.