It is reported that the Alibaba Institute recently announced the official establishment of the XG laboratory. At this stage, it mainly focuses on the collaborative research and development of 5G technology and applications.


The picture shows that 5G will bring a new round of change to various industries. (photo courtesy of Alibaba)

Compared with 5G basic technology, the technology and ecological development of the 5G application layer are relatively lagging behind. The Dharma Institute said that the newly established XG laboratory will focus on collaborative innovation of 5G infrastructure technology and applications, and study scenarios such as ultra-high-definition video, online office, AR / VR, industrial Internet, intelligent logistics, and autonomous driving in line with the 5G era, video encoding and decoding technology, network transmission protocols, etc., and develop related standards.

Cloud computing is another key factor driving 5G applications. In the past ten years, Alibaba has made a comprehensive layout and implemented large-scale applications on key technologies of cloud computing networks, covering high-performance networks, self-developed switches, intent-driven networks, programmable networks, and traffic scheduling. This will be the XG Lab  Provide sufficient technical reserves. In addition, Alibaba Cloud’s global cloud data centers, cloud networks and edge nodes will provide extreme high-performance, low-latency, highly reliable computing and storage resources for massive 5G terminal equipment, and provide favorable conditions for the landing of 5G applications.

It is reported that XG Lab is the 15th laboratory established by Dharma Institute. Previously, Dharma Institute has established a voice laboratory, a vision laboratory, an intelligent computing laboratory, an autonomous driving laboratory, and a quantum computing laboratory. In more than two years since its establishment, Dharma Institute has won nearly 50 world firsts in top international technical events, and has been selected into more than 500 international conference papers.